4 Planets plus Moon: A vista like this one cannot observe too often, especially when fleeting planet Mercury is involved. Mercury, closest planet to the sun, is most of the time invisible, but when it is like on 30 December 2008, it very often drowns in the horizon haze.

Not so in this image: A wonderful transparent sky shortly after sunset shows close to the horizon Mercury on the left and on the right, very close to it, Jupiter. Not enough, the young moon shines in its splendor and above it all brilliant Venus complements the glorious quartet.
Where is the fourth planet? It is our planet Earth with an African Skyline.

Object 4 Planets plus Moon
Category Sun, Moon, Planets
Designation Venus,Jupiter,Mercury,Moon
Optics Sigma Zoom Lens f/5.6, 26mm
Camera Canon EOS 20D
Exposure 1sec - ISO 800
Processing Photoshop
Location-Date Somerset West, South Africa - 30 Dec 2008
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