Eastern and Western Veil (NGC 6992,6960): This is the debris that remained after a Super Nova explosion, about 5000 - 8000 years ago somewhere in the center of this image, tore a star many times the mass of the sun into pieces. Left is the Eastern Veil and to the right the Western Veil Nebula running through the star 52 Cygni. In the upper part  another very faint nebula  called Pickering´s Triangular Visp can be seen. The wide-angle view shows the unearthly beauty of what remained after the cataclysmic event.

Object Veil Nebula
Category Super Nova Remnants
Designation NGC 6992, NGC 6960
Constellation Cygnus
Optics TMB 80 f/6 x 0.8 Tele Vue Reducer/Flattener
Mount Astro-Physics 900 GTO
Camera QHY8/ALccd 6c
Exposure 20 x 10min, Astronomik Ha filter, 9 x 10min Astronomik OIII filter, Maxim DL for image acquisition
Calibration No Dark- and Flat Frame
Guiding Meade DSI Pro II and TMB 130 as Guide Scope, Guiding Software: Maxim DL
Processing ImagesPlus, Neat Image, Photoshop
Location-Date Eningen, Germany - 31 July+1 August 2007
Remark The rich Cygnus star field has been reduced to highlight the fine nebula structures
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