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Iris Nebula: This wonderful reflection nebula, blooming like a flower, lies in a distance of approx. 1300 LY in the summer constellation of Cepheus east of Cygnus or the Swan. The nebula is formed by the strong visible and ultraviolet radiation of a massive young star in the center of the nebula, which is just emerging from the dense dust and hydrogen clouds. A smaller amount is transformed into red light by the hydrogen gas yielding a brownish tint to the sourrounding dust clouds.

Object Iris Nebula
Category Nebulae
Designation NGC 7023
Constellation Cepheus
Optics Vixen R200SS 8 inch f/4.6 with Televue Paracorr
Mount Takahashi EM-11
Camera QHY8/ALccd 6c
Exposure 16 x 15min IDAS LPS filter, Maxim DL for image acquisition
Calibration Flat fileld
Guiding Meade DSI Pro II and TMB 80 as Guide Scope. Maxim DL as guiding software
Processing ImagesPlus, Photoshop
Location-Date Eningen,Germany - 29 Sep 2008
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