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Galactic Nebula NGC 1333: Close to the edge of a large molecular cloud in the constellation of Perseus lies a huge starforming region in a distance of only approx. 1000 LY. Most of the stars are younger than 1 Mill. years and are still hidden behind dense gas and dust veils. Sometimes the protostars show themselves by jets penetrating the cloud as can be recognized especially in the Hi-Res version of this image, which is dominated by a beautiful reflection nebula.

An image of the same region with infa-red light taken by the Spitzer space telecope can be seen here.


Object Galactic Nebula NGC 1333
Category Nebulae
Designation NGC 1333
Constellation Perseus
Optics Vixen R200SS 8 inch f/4.6 with Televue SBIG Paracorr
Mount Takahashi EM-11
Camera SBIG STL 11000M with internal CFW 5
Exposure 5x20min each, Astrodon True Balance RGB ofilterset, Maxim DL for image acquisition
Calibration Dark + Flat Frame
Guiding Meade DSI Pro II and TMB 80 as Guide Scope, Maxim DL as guiding software
Processing Maxim DL5, Photoshop. Color Code RGB
Location-Date Eningen, Germany - 20+21 Oct 2009
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