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Fornax A: This huge elliptical galaxy in the Southern Constellation of Fornax, also designated NGC 1316, is the fourth brightest radio source in the sky in a distance of about 70 Million LY. Radio- and X-ray images indicate that this an active galaxy with a gigantic Black Hole in its core. The Black Hole seems to be fed by the merging with a number of smaller galaxies, similar to the well known galaxy Centaurus A. In addition there seems to be an interaction with the close-by galaxy NGC 1317, above it in this image.

This very deep image shows the full extent and structure of the galaxy, especially also the dust lanes in the core of the galaxy (look at the Hi-Res version). In the right upper corner the spiral galaxy NGC 1326 is displayed and beneath Fornax A the faint galaxy PGC 12636 (Mag +15.39).

The image was taken at the observatory of IAS at Hakos Farm in Namibia.


Object Fornax A
Category IAS Hakos, Namibia
Designation NGC 1316
Constellation Fornax
Optics Keller 20 inch Cassegrain f/3 in corrected primary focus
Mount Liebscher GEM
Camera SBIG STL-11000M with internal CFW 5
Exposure 4 x 10min each, 3 x 2min each RGB for galaxy core, Baader filterset. Maxim DL for image acquisition
Calibration Dark + Flat Frame
Guiding StarlightXpress Lodestar on Schneider OAG, Maxim DL as Guiding Software
Processing MaxIm DL5, CCDStack, Photoshop. Color Code RGB
Location-Date IAS-Hakos, Namibia - 8+10 Dec 2012
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