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Prawn Nebula: IC 4628 or GUM 56, sometimes also called Prawn Nebula, lies in the bend of the tail of Scorpius close to the brilliant Open Cluster NGC 6231 It is a highly dramatic nebular landscape, where massive young stars whip the surrounding matter to glow and compress. IC 4628 is in a distance of approx. 6000 LY and spans more than 300 LY.

An image with a wider field of view you will find here.

The image was taken at the observatory of IAS at Hakos Farm in Namibia.

Object Prawn Nebula
Category IAS Hakos, Namibia
Designation IC 4628
Constellation Scorpius
Optics Keller 20 inch Cassegrain f/3 in corrected primary focus
Mount Liebscher GEM
Camera SBIG STL-11000M with internal CFW 5
Exposure 3 x 10min each H-alpha, O[III] filter, 3 x 5min each RGB, Baader filterset. Maxim DL for image acquisition
Calibration Dark + Flat Frame
Guiding StarlightXpress Lodestar on Schneider OAG, Maxim DL as Guiding Software
Processing Maxim DL5, Photoshop,PixInsight. Color Code L:H-alpha, R/H-alpha,G/O[III],B/O[III]
Location-Date IAS-Hakos, Namibia - 17+22 Apr 2012
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