Horse Head and Flame Nebula: This overwhelming object, a combination of emission, reflection and dark nebulae, was photographed taking the largest possible field of view. It took nearly five hours of exposure to reveal also the faintest details of this grand panoramic view. The two bright stars are Alnilam(upper left corner) and Alnitak, two of the three belt stars of Orion.

Object Flame and Horse Head Nebula
Category Nebulae
Designation IC 0434
Constellation Orion
Optics TMB 80 x 0.8 Tele Vue Reducer/Flattener
Mount Piggyback on LX 200 and Equatorial Superwedge
Camera Hutech modified Canon EOS 30D
Exposure 40 x ISO 800-5min Astronomik UHC filter,19 x ISO 800-5min LPS filter
Calibration Dark and Flat Frame
Guiding Meade DSI Pro and LX 200 as Guide Scope
Processing ImagesPlus, Neat Image, Photoshop. Color Coding: R(UHC), G(LPS), B(LPS)
Location-Date Somerset West, South Africa - 18, 20 - Dec 2006
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