Rho Ophiuchi Region:The region around the multiple star system Rho Ophiuchi in the left part of the image is one of the most colorful in the sky. Real good conditions with high altidudes to photograph this, one finds actually only in the Southern Hemisphere. The blue reflection nebula around Rho Ophiuchi is IC 4604 and the other one in the upper central part is IC 4603. The third reflection nebula on the lower right is IC 4605, already lying in the nebula glow from Antares.

The nebulae are generated by the radiation of hot young stars, which is reflected by the huge gas and dust clouds from which they were born. Within the clouds there are probably more young stars, which are not yet visible. When they will have blown away the matter around them in the future they will also appear in the visible light.

Object Rho Ophiuchi Region
Category Nebulae
Designation IC 4604,IC 4603,IC 4605
Constellation Ophiuchi, Scorpius
Optics TMB 80 f/6 x 0.8 Tele Vue Reducer/Flattener
Mount Piggyback on LX 200 GPS 10 inch and Equatorial Superwedge
Camera Hutech modified Canon EOS 30D
Exposure 23 x ISO 800-5min, IDAS LPS filter
Calibration Dark and Flat Frame
Guiding Meade DSI Pro with LX 200 as Guide Scope, PHD Guiding Software
Processing ImagesPlus, Photoshop
Location-Date Somerset West, South Africa - 16 March 2007
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