Eta Carinae Nebula: This image of the most beautiful nebula of the southern sky was taken with a 5" refractor showing the magnificent emission structures in great detail generated by the immense radiation of several giant young stars and the instable super giant star Eta Carinae at the end of its life cycle. Immense starwinds of UV- and particle radiation whip the surrounding gas- and dustclouds into phantastic structures.

The image was made up using the light of three elements: Sulphur (red), hydrogen (green), oxygen (blue).

Object Eta Carinae Nebula
Category Emission Line Images
Designation NGC 3372
Constellation Carina
Optics TMB 130 f/6 with Field Flattener
Mount Astro-Physics 900 GTO
Camera QHY8/ALccd 6c
Exposure 3 x 30min Baader H-alpha filter(7nm), 7 x 20min Astronomik O[III], 10 x 20min S[II] filter.Maxim DL for image acquisition
Calibration No
Guiding Meade DSI Pro II and Skywatcher ED80 as Guide Scope, Maxim DL as Guiding Software.
Processing Maxim DL5, Photoshop. Color Code L:H-alpha, R:S[II], G:H-alpha, B:[OIII]
Location-Date Somerset West, South Africa - 15+20 Jan 2009
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