Thor´s Helmet: NGC 2359 in the constellation of Canis Major is one of the faint, less known emission nebulae.The viking helmet-like feature gave it its trivial name. As to type and origin of this approx. 15000 LY distant object, it is of the same classification as the Bubble Nebula. The extremely hot blue giant star in the center is a so called Wolf-Rayet star which energizes by its extremely fast star winds (millions of km/h) the surrounding media to form the chaotic structures and emit radiation, among others in the H-alpha line of hydrogen. This light was used for creating this image. 

For a color image see here.



Object Thorīs Helmet
Category H-alpha Images
Designation NGC 2359
Constellation Canis Major
Optics Meade LX 200 GPS 10 inch f/10 x 0.5 Giant Easy Guider
Mount Equatorial Superwedge
Camera QHY8/ALccd 6c
Exposure 21 x 5min Astronomik Ha filter, capturing with Maxim DL
Calibration no
Guiding TMB 80 as Guide Scope, Maxim DL as Guiding Software
Processing Images Plus, Photoshop
Location-Date Somerset West, South Africa - 11 Nov 2007
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