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Tarantula Nebula Region: NGC 2070, also called Taratula Nebula, in the Large Magellanic Cloud, which is a satellite galaxy of our Milky Way, is one of the most prominent emission nebulae in the Southern Hemisphere. Young bright stars excite the atoms of the surrounding gas to emit radiation. From this gas and the star dust from previous generations of stars new stars are born.

The image displays the Tarantula Nebula at the right hand side of the image with its dramatic shock fronts together with several  other prominent emission nebulae.

Please see also the Hi-Res version for closer inspection.

The image was taken at the observatory of IAS at Hakos Farm in Namibia.

Object Tarantula Nebula Region
Category IAS Hakos, Namibia
Designation NGC 2070
Constellation Dorado
Optics Keller 20 inch Cassegrain f/3 in corrected primary focus
Mount Liebscher GEM
Camera SBIG STL-11000M with CFW 5
Exposure 3 x 10min H-alpha, 3 x 5min each Baader filter set. Maxim DL for image acquisition.
Calibration Dark + Flat Frame
Guiding Selfguiding
Processing Maxim DL5, PixInsight, Photoshop. Colour Code L:H-alpha,R/H-alpha,G,B
Location-Date IAS-Hakos, Namibia - 4 Dec 2010
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