Eta Carinae Nebula: NGC 3372, one of my all-time favourites! This wide-field image demonstrates the phantastic variety of this object. In the center you can very well see the Keyhole Nebula and Eta Carinae the brightest star in it. As a technical remark: I had the telescope on ALT/AZ orientation. To keep the field rotation small the 1 min exposuretime was selected. Published in:

For a higher resolved picture of the central part see here, for a bit larger field of view here.

Object Eta Carinae Nebula
Category Nebulae
Designation NGC 3372
Constellation Carina
Optics Skywatcher ED 80 f/7.5
Mount Piggyback on LX 200 in ALT/AZ orientation
Camera Canon EOS 20D
Exposure 48 x ISO 3200-1min, IDAS LPS filter
Calibration Dark Frame
Guiding Unguided
Processing ImagesPlus, Neat Image, Photoshop
Location-Date Somerset West, South Africa - 2 Jan 2006
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