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M78 and Barnards Loop: Actually three interesting deep sky objects are displayed in this image: To the left is prominent reflection nebula M78, which is created by the radiation of very young hot stars in its center. Through the middle of the image the brightest part of a faint emission nebula can be seen, called Barnards Loop, which spans nearly the whole constellation of Orion. Then to the right a dark nebula, designated LDN 1622, is shown, which resides in a rather short distance to us of about 500 LY, whereas the other two objects are in a distance of approx. 1500 LY.


Object M78 and Barnards Loop
Category Nebulae
Designation M 078
Constellation Orion
Optics Takahashi FSQ 106 ED f/5 x 0.73 reducer
Mount Astro-Physics 900 GTO
Camera SBIG STL 11000M with internal CFW 5
Exposure 4x20min Baader H-alpha filter, 15x10min L, 5x5min each Baader RGB filterset. Maxim DL for image acquisition
Calibration Dark + Flat Frame
Guiding StarlightXpress Lodestar and Skywatcher ED 80 as Guide Scope, Maxim DL as Guiding Software
Processing Maxim DL5, CCDStack, Photoshop. Color Code L/Halpha,R/H-alpha,GB
Location-Date Somerset West, South Africa - 29 Jan,1 Feb 2011
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