Antares Region: Around the red supergiant star Antares (in the lower left part of the image) a lot is going on.The intensive radiation of the huge star (several hundred times bigger than our sun) excites emission and reflection nebulae. IC 4606 is the one around Antares and IC 4605 the blue one in the upper left of the image. Close to Antares to the right are the globular clusters M4 (big one) and the smaller NGC 6144. On the upper right there is a beautiful emission nebula around the star Alniyat or Sigma Scorpii.

Object Antares Region
Category Nebulae
Designation IC 4605,IC 4606
Constellation Scorpius
Optics TMB 80 f/6 x 0.8 Tele Vue Reducer/Flattener
Mount Piggyback on LX 200 GPS 10 inch and Equatorial Superwedge
Camera Hutech modified Canon EOS 30D
Exposure 21 x ISO 800-5min, IDAS LPS filter
Calibration Dark and Flat Frame
Guiding Meade DSI Pro with LX 200 as Guide Scope, PHD Guiding Software
Processing ImagesPlus, Photoshop
Location-Date Somerset West, South Africa - 14 March 2007
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